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Australia Soap

Australia Soap. Scented with Blue Gum and Tea Tree essential oils, this soap is like holding a little piece of Australia in your hand. 

Body Bliss Oil

Body Bliss Liquid Skin Food, for softer dewier skin.

Eczema Soother

Eczema Soother, for irritated skin without potentially harmful chemicals.

Joint & Muscle Pain Oil

Joint & Muscle Pain Massage oil, for all your aches and pains.

Lavender Water

Lavender Floral Water, a natural, alcohol free toner and clarifying lotion for all skin types.

Vanilla & Macadamia Lip Balm

Macadamia & Vanilla Lip Balm, simply delicious.

Dry Skin

Note: The label on this product and its name have been updated to R.A.J Moisturiser. R.A.J stands for Rose Aloe Jojoba and the formula is exactly the same with a prettier label on the jar. 

Lusciously light yet rich, Moisture Wave for Dry Skin is an excellent moisturiser for dry or sensitive skins.  

Normal Skin

R.A.J Cream also known as Moisture Wave for Normal Skin is light yet rich moisturiser that encourages the skin to produce the correct amount of sebum. Also good for combination skin types. 

Noosa Beach Lip Balm

Noosa Beach Lip Balm, a holiday in a stick.

Rosehip Oil

Pure cold pressed Organic Rosehip Oil from Chile is excellent for dry or mature skin to help prevent the signs of aging.

Eye Gel

Quattro Rosa Eye Gel, a lusciously light weight eye gel that assist with puffiness and fine line reduction. 


Eye Gel 50g

Quattro Rosa Eye Gel, a lusciously light weight eye gel that assist with puffiness and fine line reduction.


Razor Relief

Putting a razor to your face is not a gentle way to start the day, let Razor Relief take the edge off this daily task.

Rose Floral Water

Beautiful Rose Floral Water can be used as a toner, clarifying lotion or to refresh yourself during the day.

Skin Solace

Skin Solace, for skin that needs a little help.