Razor Relief

Razor Relief
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Putting a razor to your face is not a gentle way to start the day so this product will take the edge off an uncomfortable daily task. It can also be useful for people who wax.

Razor Relief aims to assist the healing of abraded skin and any shaving nicks. The powerful antiseptic and astringent properties of Juniper and Atlas Cedarwood tone and contract the tissue of the skin and help prevent razor rash. These two essential oils are also reputed to be energising, which is helpful first thing in the morning. Lemon Tea Tree essential oil is included for its sebum regulating qualities and its citrus scent complements the sweet woody depth of the Atlas Cedarwood.  These oils, combined with the properties of Calendula and Aloe Vera, result in a clean refreshing moisturiser that will help soothe skin that has just been shaved. With Aloe Vera and macadamia oil to soften the skin, ingrown hairs and bumps should be reduced by 60-75% minimum.

Caution- male clients complain that their Razor Relief disappears when the women in the house find out that it's good for bikini lines and legs.

Application- Razor Relief is light weight, non-greasy and can be used all over the face not just on the shaved areas. Gently stoke it over the shaved areas and any other dry parts of your face.

Tip– A lot of men wipe the traces of shaving foam off their face after shaving with a towel. This can leave a residue on the skin which can cause irritation, as shaving foam is just pressurised detergent in a foaming dispenser. Take the time to rinse your skin with water and remove all of the foam detergent, this will help prevent some of red bumps that can occur after shaving, especially on the neck area.

 Many male customers who have decided to shave off their hair like to use the Razor Relief all the way over the top. There are also quite few body builders who use it after waxing their chests to help prevent ingrown hairs.

Note: This product contains Juniper essential oil which not suitable during pregnancy.


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