Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions.

Q. What does the word Damadi mean?

Damadi means” heart”. As a lot of heart, soul and research goes into every jar it seemed like the ideal name. It’s from a language spoken around the Daly River area of the Northern Territory and having an Australian word with so much meaning, for an Australian made product seemed perfect.

Q. Do you accept international orders?

Yes, but as the prices vary so much from country to country for postage, its best to email Angie at to get a quote on the cost. Some countries are crazy expensive, others have rather cost inflexible import rules. So its best to check first.

Q. Do you test on animals?

No, never have and never will. Damadi products are meant for humans so they are tested on humans.

Q. Are any animal products used in the Damadi range?

A little beeswax is used in the lip balms and the Solid Serum Stick and a lot of goats milk in the Naked Nanny Goats milk  soap but apart from that, all the products are plant based and suitable for vegans.

Q. Are the products organic?

Ahh... the great debate. This is big topic and would take up too much room in the FAQ’s section. There will be a topic on this in the Damadi Blog but as a rough guide Damadi is 70% organic depending on the product. In saying that, being organic is not the be all and end all in skincare, which is where the debate starts.

Q. Are you registered with NICNAS?

Yes. It's the law that anyone who makes soap must  be registered with the Australian Government organisation called NICNAS. Damadi's registration number is 12035.

Q. What’s the shelf life of Damadi products?

At Damadi we have the philosophy that fresh is best and recommend that products be used within one year. Many oils have a natural shelf life of about 12-18 months, but most commercial skincare products have artificial preservatives to extend this for up to five years. The concept of putting artificially preserved, old oils on our skin is just, well, kind of icky. We wouldn’t do it to ourselves and we won’t do it to you.

The fresher the product the better results you will get, so we encourage the fresh philosophy in all aspects of your life, from your skincare, to food, to getting outside in the environment.

Q. Do you make the creams in larger jars?

The larger the jar, the longer it takes to use. The 50g jars ensure that the products are always rotating through and fresh.

Q. How long will a jar of the facial moisturiser last me?

The average 50g jar with fairly heavy morning and night use will last about two months. In saying that, there were two fine twenty something clients who managed to make a jar of the R.A.J for Normal skin last for nine months, sharing it between them.  It’s very much up to your own skins requirements, keeping in mind that some skins are thirstier than others.

Q. How much is in each jar?

Every jar of cream is 50g in a 60ml jar. Every jar is weighed and checked for a minimum of 50g although there is frequently a little more. Occasionally there will be a little extra cream left when a batch of moisturiser is made and rather than waste it, the extra will be used to top up the jars in the batch. If you get one of these bonus jars, you’re lucky, as you are getting more than 50g.

Sometimes the contents may roll around the lid of the jar in transit and the jar may not look as full as expected. A sharp rap of the jar on a hard surface will settle the contents and the jar will miraculously appear full.

Q. Ordering online? Online shopping is awesome and easy, just click and purchase and the products will arrive on your doorstep a couple of days later.

Pro Tip - Never send your credit card details in an email to anyone. All standard email that travels online is unsecured and a bit like a postcard, an SSL secured website is more like registered post, it has to be signed for it at its destination and is therefore a lot safer.

A surprisingly large amount of people still email their credit card details even when the Damadi policy is to suggest that they don’t.  While we appreciate the trust and confidence our customers have in us, we want you to be as safe as possible and would prefer it if credit card details were sent through the security of the website.

Q. I’m still not sure about online shopping. Can I order some other way?

The beauty of online shopping is that the store is always open, you can shop in your pyjamas at midnight and it’s easy to use. If you’re still not comfortable with online shopping, you’re more than welcome to give us a call at Damadi on 0414 838 469 and place an order over the phone or you can use traditional mail and post your order to


GPO Box 4823,

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia 0801.

Q. Do you collect my information or store my credit card details?

No credit card details are ever stored. Any information about you be never be passed on to a third party or sold to a mailing list. In the Damadi way of thinking, your information is not a commodity to be sold because it not ours, it’s yours and you should decide who you get mail from.

Q. How is your surname pronounced?

I get asked this as my surname, Brabet, is a little unusual. In fact anyone you meet with this name has a good chance of being related to me. It comes from my wicked paternal grandfather, who was French. Brabet has the fabulously annoying silent T at the end, the bane of french language students everywhere. So Brabet is pronounced "Brab-ay", the same way that the silent T in Chalet is pronouced "shal-ay"