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Curly Squids Pirate Soap

Curly Squid's Fisherman's Soap - Foams in salt water and is scented with Aniseed oil, which is irresistible to fish.

Dark Romance

Dark Romance is a soap of light and dark, pink clay and black charcoal contrasts with the scent of sweet Rose Geranium and rich dark Patchouli oil.

Hippy Love

Unleash your inner hippy. This soap has sultry Patchouli oil, blended with heady Ylang Ylang and Rose Geranium essential oils.


The sweetly fresh scent of Lemongrass essential oil swirls beautifully through green clay, to make a refreshing and uplifting soap.

Naked Nanny Goatsmilk Soap

Naked Nanny Goats Milk Soaptm No scent and no colour, that's why its naked.

Pinxie Minxie Fu Fu

Pinxie Minxie Fu Fu, a fabulously feminine soap in pink, white and silver.

Siberian Snow

Siberian Snow Soap. Made with true Siberian Fir Tree oil from Russia and frosted on top with a layer of silver mica snow.


Keep your soap high and dry with a wooden slat soap dish. It will help keep things tidy and make your soap last longer.

Sweet Hearts Lavender

Sweet Hearts Lavender Soap. Combines soft pink clay with Lavender essential oil and topped with two delicate hearts.