About Us

Damadi was created out of a desire for purity and affordable beauty.   

A mild examination of many high end products showed that they were very pretty jars with little substance or active ingredients at levels so minimal as to be irrelevant. 

Sometimes in life, if you can’t find what you want, you have to look at alternatives and sometimes that means you may have to create it yourself. That thought started a whole line of research and development into what skincare products are made from.

And that’s when I fell in love....

I fell in love with the purity and simplicity of the raw materials. From the delicate scent of pure rose oil to the soft rich scent of free trade Shea Butter and the light herbal smell of Aloe Vera. The base ingredients fascinated and intrigued me.

That’s the foundation of Damadi, pure high quality ingredients at a reasonable price. You won’t find any excessive promises, no marketing spin and no sixteen year old models promoting wrinkle reduction. What you will find is quality, combined with good research and environmentally sound packaging.

Just pure principled products without the hype.


Angie Brabet



ABN 96569761633

NICNAS Registration 12035