Rose Floral Water

Rose Floral Water
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Pure Rose Floral Waters are produced during the steam distillation of essential oils. They contain minute traces of essential oil and are safe enough to spray on even the most sensitive of skins. Floral Waters make fabulous toners, clarifying lotions and refresher sprays. Rose Water is suited to those with drier skin types and those who need a little nurturing.

Application– Gently mist clean skin with the Floral Water of your choice and then follow with your favourite moisturiser or Rosehip Oil.


  •  Leave your Floral Water in the fridge for a delicious cooling spray in warm weather.     Remember to spray the back of your neck as well to help drop your body temperature.
  •  A tip from a time when our grandmothers used to distil their own floral waters is to wring out a face washer in cool water and then spray it with the floral water of your choice. Next pop the face washer in to a zip lock bag and put it in the fridge. Then when you come home on a hot summer’s day, rinse your face and arms with the floral water cloth and relax with an instant cool spa treatment.
  • Use them in the car as a refreshing spray, Lavender is good for calming you down if you are in heavy traffic, Rose is excellent for long drives.
  • Use them to calm down grumpy children and fractious husbands. Be gentle with them and let them know you’re going to spray them with something nice as sudden guerrilla attacks with any spray bottle will not aid their happiness.
  • Make Lavender Floral Water part of the bedtime routine for small children. They will come to associate it with sleeping and drift off much easier.






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