Curly Squids Fisherman's Soap

Curly Squids Pirate Soap
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Curly Squids Fisherman's Soap is not a bath soap, it's a soap for fish - and people who want to catch them. This soap will foam in salt water, remove the smell of bait or sunscreen from your hands and replace the scent of human with something fish really like, the smell of Aniseed oil. 

The cutesy little bag is there because its practical. Slip the strap over your wrist and wash your hands with the soap in the bag. This way you won't drop your soap overboard, the most common way fishing soaps are lost. Once you have finished washing up, hang your soap up by the strap to dry out between uses or to store it. See, its much more than just a cutesy bag.

This soap is also good for heavy clean up jobs too, like when you have grease on your hands or other sticky substances.

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