Eczema Soother

Eczema Soother
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Eczema Soother, little drops of calm without potentially harmful chemicals.


Some people feel like they are allergic to modern life as so many things cause their Eczema to flair up. This product has a deceptively simple formula of Jojoba, Evening Primrose and Roman Chamomile Essential oil for that very reason. The simpler the ingredients list, the less chance there is something the skin will react too. Jojoba is the oil closest to the skins own natural sebum and helps to lubricate, moisturise and soften the skin without flare ups. Evening Primrose is high in Omega 3's and Roman Chamomile Essential is high in chamazulene, a natural mild analgesic which which may help to reduce the desire to itch. Roman Chamomiles gentle herbal apple scent is also calming for those who are feeling a little stressed.


Application - Apply anywhere you have red or itchy "hot spots". Do not apply to broken or raw skin or too close to the lash line of the eyes. There are, at the time of writing, four thousand possible irritants known to effect Eczema sufferers and as this is such an individual skin condition there is a chance that one of the three ingredients maybe one of yours. If there is any sign of irritation, please discontinue use.


Tip - If your Eczema is mainly on your hands, have a look at what you are washing them with. Many people use the so called "Pump soaps" these are not actually soap at all but pure detergent. The only difference between these and what you wash your dishes with is the name. For Eczema suffers the detergents strip the already compromised oil mantle off the skin causing dryness and cracking to increase dramatically.  Hand sanitisers are just pure alcohol in a gel base, these will dry out the hands too and should be avoided. The best thing to use is a simple handmade soap, like Damadi's Naked Nanny Goats milk soap (no scent or colour added) or something like Kerri Wash, which is available from chemists.

Packaging - a 25ml amber glass bottle with a dropper dispenser.

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