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Body Bliss Liquid Skin Food
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Body Bliss Liquid Skin Food, for softer dewier skin.  

We live in a culture of cleanliness, one that often over cleans the skin, removing the skins protective oil mantle with hash body puffs, scrubs and exfoliating gloves. Body Bliss Liquid Skin Food contains eight different carrier oils and two different essential oils to soothe and nourish dry skin and replace what our skins have lost. Oils like Macadamia, Avocado, Jojoba, Calendula and Vitamin E all work together to return the skin to its natural balance and promote a healthy glow.

Application - Apply a small amount to damp skin after showering. A ten or twenty cent coin size is usually enough as a little goes a long way. Rub your hands together and then gently sweep them up from your ankles to your knees. The next sweep is from your wrists to your shoulders, then across your décolletage. Then gently rub the oil around your limbs and torso, this should take less time than applying a traditional body lotion. If there is any left on your hands make a point of rubbing it into your elbows and knees as an extra treatment for them. 

Tip - if you feel oily you have used to much. This really is a less is more type of product and a little goes a long way. Next time just use a smaller amount.

Tip - Its pretty instinctive to dry yourself off straight away. If you find yourself doing this before you apply your Bliss, just pop the bottle in the shower. Next time you will see your Bliss and remember to apply it to damp skin. The label may go a little soggy but that's ok as you know what it is.

Alternative uses - customers have told us that they use the Body Bliss as a massage oil, an overnight leave in hair treatment, a facial oil and even to remove make up. Let us know if you find another way to use it.



Customer Reviews
This product smells natural and divine, is full of EFA's for your skin, is nutritious, uni-sex and has improved the look of my skin. I've actually been using a small amount before showering and after application, have been doing a bit of dry skin brushing and I'm really happy with this product too.
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